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Al Jadeed TV


Published: 3 months ago

Category: Lebanon

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TV Information:

Al Jadeed TV Online Live

Al Jadeed TV online live providing you exclusive news, videos, entertainment and sports news. Al Jadeed TV is keen on providing a great user experience through its high quality live streaming;

al Jadeed tv online liveNew TV was founded in 1992. It was forcibly closed in 1997 by Syrian intervention and government repression and then re-launched on October 2, 2001 during a lavish ceremony attended by prominent figures at the Sheraton Coral Beach Hotel. Al Jadeed TV online live started broadcasting in 2001.
Al Jadeed TV online live it not affiliated with a political party. In the recent years the channel is under attack by threats and intimidation attempts.
New TV like al mayadeen tv live en direct has succeeded in winning a high percentage of viewers and this is the result of being a platform for freedom as well as to follow a strategy to satisfy the wishes of the public by being a mirror to reflect his opinion.
Al Jadeed TV online live‘s programs focused on news and current events as the social values ​​and aspirations of the Arab people were broadcast.
At the beginning of 2007, there was a change in our brand name, which changed the name of the channel to “New” instead of “New TV”.
Al-Jadid channel continued to attract more viewers despite strong competition from local and satellite stations, and has seen the highest ratings in Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan.
In the month of Ramadan in 2010, Al-Jadid channel recorded the highest percentage of viewers in the media market in Lebanon.
In 2011, there was a radical change in the brand, coupled with a marked development in identity, media pouch and software package.
Al-Jadid channel has become a modern phenomenon in the local and Arab media because it has been characterized by professionalism, transparency and media awareness, and a free portal for thinkers, decision-makers and researchers.
Today, Al-Jadid became the first channel in Lebanon, with the number of viewers in the Arab countries continuing to rise.
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P.O Box: 11
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