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Al Hayat TV Egypt


Published: 3 months ago

Category: Egypt


TV Information:

Al Hayat TV Egypt Live Streaming

al hayat tv egypt live streamingAl-Hayat TV network is an Egyptian satellite channel that broadcasts on Nile Sat in the range of (7.0 ° west) at 12207 frequency and with a 3/4 encoding rate and vertical network polarization. Entertainment, serials, entertainment programs, talk shows, The channel is a group of businessmen and owns the Canal Studios, one located in the 6th of October City, the second in the World Trade Tower overlooking the Nile, Cairo, Egypt and is chaired by the channel Mohammed Samir. The Chairman of the Board is Mr. Badawi Shehata, In a poll conducted by the University «m YRILLAND, USA, in collaboration with Zogby Research Foundation, Brookings Institution and Carnegie, Al-Hayat Network ranked first in Egypt and second in the Arab world after the MBC Group. There is strong competition between Al-Hayat and MBC Egypt after leaving Many of the founders of the founding life of MBC Egypt, and that was after the transfer of former TV network head Mohamed Abdel-Motaal to head the MBC Egypt channel
Alhayat TV – Satellite TV from Egypt An unencrypted public channel of Al Hayat television network, offering a variety of news and talk shows.
Al-Hayat was owned by prominent Egyptian businessman and politician El-Sayed El-Badawy, who is also the chairman of the liberal Wafd Party.
Falcon Group provides security services for government authorities, diplomatic missions as well as UN offices in Egypt.
In July, Al-Hayat was temporarily taken off the air by the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC), which is in charge of regulating private media companies in Egypt.
EMPC said the move was due to the network’s failure to pay off debts amounting to over EGP 21 million.
Al-Hayat criticised the decision at the time, saying that EMPC owed the network a similar amount in debt over money paid by the broadcaster to acquire land from EMPC, which Al-Hayat could not eventually get due to issues regarding entitlement to the sale.
Al-Hayat was back on the air after almost three weeks of suspension.
A joint statement by Tawasol and El-Badawy’s Sigma Group said on Tuesday that the new owner will take over the broadcaster’s studios next week, with a restructuring of Al-Hayat network to take place.
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You can watch on: * AlHayah 1: 12206 V * AlHayah 2: 12015 V * Al Hayah series: 12418, 10892 H * Al Hayah Cinema: 10892 H * Moga Comedy: 12379

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