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Published: 1 year ago

Category: France, News TV


TV Information:

NRJ 12 is a national broadcaster that belongs to the NRJ group. This channel was created in 2005 and built its reputation thanks to the arrival of DTT. It is currently the tenth most watched channel in France.
It distributes, as a priority, people’s news and reality TV shows. His most famous shows are “The Angels of Reality TV”, “Island of Truths” or “The Incredible Kardashian Family”. One of the most followed shows is “The Angels of Reality TV” presented by Matthieu Delormeau and broadcast since 2011. The principle is to bring together in a single reality television former candidates who participated in French reality shows of the various channels in a large Villa in the United States. This program must make pierce the old candidates in their different fields (cinema, song, modeling …).
The main target of NRJ12 is the young audience (between eleven and thirty-five years old). It also broadcasts well-known American series such as “The Big Bang Theory”, “American Dad” or “Futurama”. His magazines also make his success with “So True” which proposes to follow the history of several individuals through a general topic. We can also think of “Crimes”: this magazine presented by Jean-Marc Morandini tells us various exciting facts. During each program, Jean-Marc Morandini visits a region of France and recounts three different facts that made the history of the region. Thanks to the intervention of a native personality of this region, they clarify the evolution of the crime in this place.
So take advantage of our site to watch NRJ12 live from your computer: series, movies, shows, games and much more to discover.
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