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RTM1 TVM Maroc (Al Aoula)


Published: 2 years ago

Category: Morocco, News TV

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TV Information:

RTM Maroc Live Online

RTM Maroc live online, SNRT Aloula TV Morocco Live online, RTM Live TV streaming online, Al Aoula TV Morocco live, الاولى المغربية بث مباشر Al Aoula TNT HD is a general-interest television channel of the Moroccan public service. 9anat Al Aoula Morocco offers a variety of programs that cover both information and entertainment, sport and culture. Regareder AL Aoula Morocco SNRT قناة الأولى المغربي مباشرة online Live stream Live HD on Mobile PC with a new frequency on Nilesat The objective is to best meet the needs of Moroccan viewers online

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rtm maroc live onlineRTM1 TVM Maroc (Al Aoula) TV Channel Online is First channel of the public broadcasting organisation in Morocco. Channels established firstly in Morocco at 3 March 1962. The channel is Generalist channel that targetting the Arab communities. Offrer shows, TV series, movies, documentaries or reports and more. Its use arabic languange. Owned by SNRT – Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision.
the Tv Al Aoula chain belongs to the SNRT, which is a company owned by the Moroccan State. Al Oula is a direction of the Moroccan Television Broadcasting (RTM tv), it is a chain of public service, generalist, ensuring at the same time a service of information and leisure for its televiewers and citizens in Morocco, in the Arab world and in Europe.
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