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TVI 24


Published: 6 years ago

Category: Portugal


TV Information:

tvi 24 online stream

tvi 24 online stream is the news channel of Media Capital (Grupo Prisa) that gives the World first hand.
The TVI24 app is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher versions (on devices with more limited capabilities you may have difficulty playing videos).J
The TVI24 app for Android is free.

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tvi 24 online streamThe third Portuguese television news station. The broadcasting started on 26 February 2009, days after the anniversary of TVI, as the seventh channel grid of ZON TV Cabo. This channel is the first cable channel TVI. Also debuted September 1, 2010 in MEO.
tvi 24 online stream is an information channel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can watch it whenever you want it DIRECTLY here.
tvi 24 online stream came out in February 2009 to gain its place in the already existing panorama of exclusively information channels in Portugal and the results have been excellent with very favorable hearings and you can be part of this success by watching TVI24 whenever you want in DIRECT here!
DAILY MORNING is the information program of TVI24 that starts at 06:30 and ends at 10:00 AM;
Following is the DIRECT SPEECH, a program dedicated to listen to the viewers on topics of the present day Portuguese, in this program the Portuguese are given voice at 10:00 and again at 15:00;
In OBSERVATORY OF THE WORLD, TVI24 offers its viewers some of the best reports from the best reporters in the world;
In TVI REPORTAGEM, tvi 24 online stream brings you a report on current Portuguese issues with the quality that TVI journalists always imprint on their work.
Presented by Constança Cunha and Sá, PROO DOS NOVE is one of the programs hinged by TVI24 and counts on the participation of Fernando Rosas, Paulo Rangel and Francisco Assis. Three different political quarters, three perspectives on the most relevant themes of Portuguese society.
Judite de Sousa and Medina Carreira jointly present EYES IN THE EYES, an information program led by two of the greatest journalism and economic heavyweights in Portugal.
And as we could not fail to recommend the GOVERNMENT SOMBRA, a program that is broadcast every Friday at 11:10 pm and is moderated by Carlos Vaz Marques with the participation of Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Pedro Mexia and João Miguel Tavares. Portuguese news commented with some seriousness and humor! Access to the exclusive TVI24 and to the sections of society, politics, economy, international, sport, technology, music and cinebox.
Any questions, suggestions or problems you encounter, please send mail to
Rua Mário Castelhano, 40
Postal/Zip Code PT-2749 502
Queluz de Baixo

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